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Exercise Mistakes

Truth: We’ve all made exercise mistakes. Us included. The latest research studies about exercise are showing that what we learned in the ’80s and ’90s about exercise is wrong. The problem is that most of us still believe what they told us decades ago… and the result is we aren’t getting slimmer and healthier. We’ve […]

#025: 3 Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

Body Health

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have incredible powers. Did you know they can provide natural solutions to chronic conditions and diseases? Would you love natural health remedies for you and your family? Remedies for things such as stress, sleep issues, painful joints, anxious or sad feelings? Essential oils can help! Did you know that essential oils can even […]

#024: The Healing Power of Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Body Health

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drink water for weight loss

Do you realize to drink water for weight loss is one of the easiest and most important actions towards health and weight loss? And guess what… you can easily do it today. It is incredibly important and often simply overlooked because most people focus on what they are eating, or maybe exercise. But this is […]

#014: Drink Water for Weight Loss: Could It Be This Simple?

Weight Loss

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why diets don't work

The top 9 reasons why diets fail may surprise you. Have you ever succeeded at a diet plan? WAIT! Before you answer that, what is your definition of dieting success? That you lost X amount of weight in X days? Did it last? Longer than a year? Were you able to sustain it 5 years […]

#010: Top 9 Reasons Why Diets Fail

Weight Loss

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