Hi! I'm Katrina.

I’m on a mission to help Christians get healthy, ditch disease, lose weight and find food freedom so you can live that abundant life you’ve been promised. It IS possible! I've done it!

I was once a veggie-hating, fast-food-eating, Dr. Pepper-drinking, diseased yo-yo dieter. BUT GOD. 
I cried out to God for relief. He showed me how to use His glorious foods and better lifestyle choices to heal & nourish my temple.

As a result, my body was restored to the place of true health. My diseases (& weight!) were gone.

My body was restored!

As a result of my health journey, my body was restored to the place of true health. My life and health were radically transformed. I am now free from disease, free from struggling with weight, and free to live life fully. God used my health journey to draw me closer to Him. My relationship with God deepened. And what happened next, changed everything in my life. God spoke to me...

"My people are sick and dying, I want you to help them remove the physical burdens from their life so that they can live the life I am calling them to live." - God. Journal entry 2009.

So I made this mission official and attended the largest nutrition school in the world, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and became a Certified Health Coach, which integrated beautifully with my past experience as a Registered Nurse. I studied under top experts in the field of nutrition and learned how to coach others to transform their own lives through healthy eating and living.

And now I get to share my message with you and help YOU connect the dots and show you exactly how to begin to eat and live healthy… for the Glory of God. 

My life’s purpose is to help YOU release physical burdens holding you back from living the life you were called to live.

I believe:

In the Trinity and that Jesus died and rose from the dead and is alive and active in us today. 

My faith  journey:

I gave my heart to Jesus as a kid and was baptized when I was 7. I have dedicated my life to loving and serving Him and others.

my church journey:

I was raised by God-fearing parents in a Pentecostal/Assembly of God Church, As an adult, God has led my family to Baptist, Methodist, and non-denominational church families. 

my God-Given mission:

To help YOU release the physical burdens holding you back from living the life God is calling you to live.

11 years: 

24 years: 

3 years:

15 years: 

Certified Health Coach

Registered Nurse

Cert. in Female Metabolism

Healthy & Free


40 years:

Jesus Follower

My Favorite Things

GOD'S WORD - This is where I meet God daily to fill my soul.

My happy 

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The MOUNTAINS! Where God's creation speaks to me unlike anywhere else. 

FAMILY. My hubby and mission partner, Chris, and I have been married 24 years. We have two incredible kiddos, Luke and Ella. We live in a little, log cabin on 13 acres in the mountains of NC. 

OFFICE SUPPLIES. Nerdy, right? Staples is one of my favorite stores. 

my daily

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DARK CHOCOLATE. Yep, it really is a superfood.
I eat 1 square a day. 

KALE! Seriously! I was once a veggie-hating girl and now I love the bounty of God's glorious foods. If I can do it, you can too!

My Favorite Things

"I found freedom in Healthy Free Life. I stopped yo-yo dieting. I eat healthy foods everyday. I'm energized. I am no longer a slave to sugar and cravings. I AM FREE!!!"



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