Get Healthy & Free so You Can Fulfill Your God-Given Purpose!

Get Healthy & Free
So You Can Fulfill Your God-Given Purpose!

Simple Eating & Living the Way God Designed.  Without Diets, Deprivation, or Defeat.

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God has set you free and has called you to live abundantly. We have just one life to live here on earth, and only one body to live it out in. Isn’t it time to release the burden of disease, excess weight, and exhaustion so that you can fully live out your purpose? 

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This FREE starter Kit will help you jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, look and feel better, & get rid of what’s weighing you down so that you can best serve God.

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Healthy Free Life Show is a life-changing podcast that teaches you new ways to eat and live healthy for the glory of God. A new episode is released every Thursday.


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Would you love to start your Healthy Free Life journey? From healthy eating, to healthy habits to healthy weight loss programs, we would love to help you get started today!


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“This program is changing my life in ways I never I never could have imagined!"

“This program is changing my life in ways I never could have imagined! I feel like every area of my life is improving everyday! I recommend Healthy Free Life more than anything I've been involved in!!!”


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I'm Katrina.

I am on a mission to help Christians get their health back so they can fulfill their God-given purpose. As a Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse, along with experience from my own personal health transformation journey, I have coached thousands of others just like you, helping them to transform their life and health by releasing physical burdens of excess weight, low energy, and disease, so they can fulfill their God-given purpose. It’s time to break free!

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Simple Eating the Way God Designed. Without Dieting, Deprivation, or Defeat.