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#057: The 4 Stages of Metabolic Damage

March 31, 2023

Listen to the podcast here…   Other places to listen: iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcast |  Amazon Music There are four stages of Metabolic Damage. This may sound technical and boring to you, but whether you are a “couch potato” or a “dieter” you will benefit from knowing and recognizing the stages.   Here’s […]

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There are four stages of Metabolic Damage. This may sound technical and boring to you, but whether you are a “couch potato” or a “dieter” you will benefit from knowing and recognizing the stages.


Here’s the truth… it’s not the end of the road for you. Healing is just around the corner.


We want you to take control of your health and heal the metabolic processes in your body!


Metabolic Damage

Many of us struggle with symptoms of metabolic dysfunction and even diseases related to our metabolism.

Don’t be discouraged, friend. We understand.

We use the term metabolic damage, but take heart…. your metabolism isn’t actually damaged. It has been doing its job all along.


Just not in the way you are happy with…


So Why Metabolic Damage?

We use this term because it is a great descriptive term to bring awareness to the relationship between metabolism and certain disease processes.

Whether you’ve just started experiencing symptoms or have been struggling for years, don’t worry, God has a plan for you!


What Are the Stages of Metabolic Damage

Chris and I break down the four stages of metabolic damage, how to identify which stage of metabolic damage you’re in, and how to start healing.


Understanding these four stages of metabolic damage will help you take back control of your health, heal your metabolism, and get you back on the weight loss train.


But remember…

“If you find yourself in these stages, especially stages three and four, healing the metabolism and focusing on health is going to have to be prioritized over losing weight.”


In this episode about Stages of Metabolic Damage, you’ll learn…

[02:12] What is metabolic damage?

[06:10] The 2 types of people that struggle with metabolic damage.

[09:12] How energy imbalance shows up in dieters and couch potatoes.

[12:57] The 4 Stages of Metabolic Damage: Metabolic Compensation, Metabolic Resistance, Metabolic Dysfunction, and Metabolic Damage.

[30:01] Is metabolic damage reversible? How do I heal my metabolism?

[34:08] Get the Metabolic Jumpstart guide at!



Resources mentioned:

Listen to episode 42: Metabolism: What Is It and How It Works

Get the Metabolic Jumpstart guide:

Listen to episode 46: Dieting and the Metabolism (+ the Right Way to Lose Weight)

Listen to episode 49: Why Your Body Fights Weight Loss [The Law of Metabolic Compensation]



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  1. Jane A says:

    Wow ya’ll seriously just to a page straight out of my story book and explained it to me! HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: this is not how it will continue to play out…my story that is! While getting healthy and losing 100lbs total, at 50 lbs down, I’ve been plateaued for over 1 1/2 yrs (only just notified of this last month June 2023). Ya’ll just DESCRIBED MY LIFE AND STAGE I’m in APPARENTLY WITHOUT my knowledge! On 24 meds & supplements daily and it’s nuts! Been diagnosed with and sent to any doctor that’s title ends with an “ist”! Insurance is covering this (pleather of chain reaction of doctors, or I wouldn’t be going!) But stuck in this vicious cycle and going round and round for 2 1/2 yrs! At monthly appt told Insulin Resistant, Metabolic Syndrome, no more options but to add Ozempic, Victoza or metformin and im not diabetic! All I need is just 1 more medication! There has to be more in life than living like this! If I need to take out “a loan” just to even have hope for renewed health and ya’ll try to figure this one out~ME, (defenitely a statistic when successful), I guess I’ll be doing that as I need help obviously! Please pray for me! I’m tired of being jerked around by BIG Pharma and so called nutritionist that work for hospitals that claim they are doing their job, but not actually working 1 on 1-but say just take a shot for the rest of your life! And I’m NOT ok with that! I’m in desperate need of help and praying for God’s define intervention! Please help as I’ve given God all of this, as the stress is way tii much for me. If any one can abd will, it’s GOD! Thank you and God bless ya for all ya’ll are doing in and through it all! Much love and prayers! 💜🙏

  2. Jane A says:

    Thank ya’ll so much for the wealth of information as I’m in stage 4 apparently and just need your help!
    Ya’ll took a page right out of my playbook, however, this is not the end of my story! We’re together going to fix this that others have no clue how too, and show them exactly what God can, will and is doing in my life and so many other! I believe in you! To God be all the glory! God bless you sweet ones! 💜🙏🤗
    Love & prayer

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