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Get Healthy Family Not Supportive

I’m sharing 4 ways to get healthy with changes to your diet and lifestyle without buy-in from your family or spouse. Do you struggle to get support from your family on lifestyle changes? Join me in this episode of Healthy Free Life as I talk about what to do when your family or spouse doesn’t […]

#020: 4 Ways to Get Healthy When Your Family or Spouse Doesn’t Want To

Mind Health

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Theresa's Story

Theresa’s Story is inspiring and encouraging. Can you imagine losing 100 pounds and finally being able to breathe- literally and figuratively? Well, Theresa did just that. She shares her previous struggles, her successes, and how she made The Academy her own. Listen to podcast here (or read down below)   In this episode, you’ll learn…  […]

#019: Theresa’s Story: How She Lost 100 Pounds

Success Stories

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Do you have a good practice of self care? Or do think of this season in your life as a time to die to self so that you can serve others? What if I told you that you’re misunderstanding what it means to die to self? I am giving you permission to practice self-care, in […]

#018: Self Care is Not Selfish

Mind Health

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Chris' Journey

In Chris’ Journey, you’ll see how a “husky” boy became a master of menopause (a metabolic expert) with a true heart to help others succeed in their health journey. I talk with my husband, Chris, who is our resident physical therapist and strength coach here at Healthy Free Life. He is also a metabolism expert. […]

#017: Chris’ Journey to Health (Katrina’s Husband’s Story)

About Us

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baby steps

Baby steps to reach your healthy lifestyle goals is the ONLY way to systematically build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. It’s easy to believe the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be is with a massive jump, but that just isn’t […]

#016: Baby Steps: The Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle

Mind Health

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improve willpower

I want to teach you how to improve willpower so that you can have some bonus power to help you reach goals for your life, but first, what actually is willpower?  The big mistake most people make is thinking willpower is what they need in order to stick to a healthy way of eating, willpower […]

#015: Three Ways to Improve Willpower

Mind Health

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drink water for weight loss

Do you realize to drink water for weight loss is one of the easiest and most important actions towards health and weight loss? And guess what… you can easily do it today. It is incredibly important and often simply overlooked because most people focus on what they are eating, or maybe exercise. But this is […]

#014: Drink Water for Weight Loss: Could It Be This Simple?

Weight Loss

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back on track

Have you ever needed help to get back on track with your healthy journey? I’m teaching you my simple, six-step plan for getting back on track because listen, we’re gonna fall off track. This journey to a healthy, free life is not some magical journey that we take on which we just take one step […]

#013: Get Back on Track with These 6 Simple Steps

Mind Health

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Jen's Story

Today is all about how Jen went from having depression, daily pain, acid reflux, brain fog, and sugar addiction, which led her to a place of extreme isolation and loneliness, to a life of fun with her grandchildren and confidence & freedom to minister to others. She even jumps on the trampoline!   Listen to […]

#012: Jen’s Story: How She Broke Free From Pain and Depression

Success Stories

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Your body is a temple

I have a challenge for you. Your body is a temple, so let’s be some of the healthiest people on the planet, free from disease and excess weight, full of energy and vitality in order to do the good work that God has given us to do, whether that’s staying at home raising our babies […]

#011: Your Body is a Temple: It’s Time to Treat it That Way

Body Health

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