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#051: Morning Routine: My Morning 7

February 15, 2023

Listen to the podcast here…   Other places to listen: iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcast |  Amazon Music   What is a morning routine? Have you considered the impact your morning has on the rest of your day? There are major benefits of having a healthy morning routine.   Healthy morning routines can: improve […]

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Morning Routine

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What is a morning routine? Have you considered the impact your morning has on the rest of your day?

There are major benefits of having a healthy morning routine.


Healthy morning routines can:

  • improve mental health
  • decrease stress
  • increase productivity
  • and boost your motivation

Incredible, right?


What is a Morning Routine?

It’s a simple 5-10 minute morning routine that is done soon after waking up.

In that 10-minute period, you complete a 1-2 minute, baby step habit for each of the 7 Habits of a Healthy Free Life. 


Let me share my personal Morning 7 Routine

I wake up.

Hit the bathroom.

Head to the kitchen.

And then I…


  1. HYDRATE: Drink 8+ ounces of water. Fill 64 ounce Mason jar with water for the day.
  2. WORSHIP: Read one of the 31 Scriptures of a Healthy Free Life. Pray the verse.  Say good morning to God. (the scriptures are taped on my fridge)
  3. REST: Do 5 rounds of the 4-4-8 breathing technique. I always add orange and peppermint essential oils to my hands and breathe in their scent as I do this exercise. Wakes me up!
  4. MOVE: Put Apple Watch on (to track today’s steps). Do some gentle stretching and move joints.

    I then set my intentions for the following habits:

  5. EXERCISE: Is today a scheduled exercise day? Y/N  If yes, exercise at 9 am. Commit.
  6. SLEEP: Head to bed at 10a. Commit.
  7. EAT: What’s for dinner? (this prompts me to take out meat or think about when I should start making dinner – for instance, potatoes need to go in at 5:30p). Commit.


This takes me just 7 minutes to complete.


Little side note, for Academy members… after I complete my Morning 7 is when I review my monthly habit tracker. I check off yesterday’s habits, and then I read my habit list, commit and set my intentions for reaching my habit goals today. 


While I’m only maybe engaging in 10 minutes of healthy habits each morning, it really does set me up to have a better day, even if I don’t do anything else for my health.


Why I love the Morning 7 so much

  • It’s a reminder to hit my goals in all these healthy, self-care habits later during my day. For instance, when I fill my water jug in the morning, I’m more likely to drink my goal amount of water!

  • If I don’t complete one of my intended habits later in the day, say I did not get my morning Bible time in, at least I have paused, connected with God, and meditated on one scripture.

  • If the rest of the day goes to pot, at least I started the day healthy.

  • It helps me stay healthy in survival mode. I never feel like I’ve failed or am off track with my healthy habits because I’ve at least done something for my health each day of survival mode.



How to create your own Morning 7 Routine


If you feel exhausted, unmotivated, stressed or anxious in the morning or throughout your day, a morning routine could be the cure you’re looking for!

Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or a student, these tips can be easily adapted for your unique lifestyle and schedule.


For more help building your own healthy morning habits, join the FREE 5-day Healthy Habits Challenge!


Each day I will teach you about one of the habits and guide, challenge, and inspire you to add the habit to your morning. 


Note: The challenge does not include the habits of Sleep or Exercise, but you can use my Morning 7 model to add sleep and exercise intentions to your routine.


Ready to craft your own Morning 7?


While the Morning 7 doesn’t seem like much, there’s a night and day difference in the outcome of my day if I don’t do it. 

In this episode about My Morning 7, you’ll learn…

[00:51] The benefits of having a morning routine.

[03:43] My Morning 7 routine (it only takes 5-10 minutes!).

[10:51] How my morning routine directly impacts my health and wellness each day.

[13:36] Join the Healthy Habits Challenge to get help building your own morning routine!


Resources mentioned:

Listen to Episode #038: 7 Habits of a Healthy Free Life

Take the 5 Day Healthy Habits Challenge



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  1. Shanoa says:

    This is really helpful and such a positive way to start my days! Thank you

  2. Teresa L Abbas says:

    I do have some daily habits I follow. Hydrate, my breakfast with Jesus,includes prayer, Bible in a year with Fr. Mike Schwartz.. I do feel that adding to this morning routine will benefit me, the breathing and reviewing tracker and planning gor day and commit. I will listen to the podcasts, and keep on with 40 day.

  3. Jane A says:

    This is great! That connecting time is very important! Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to do this challenge! 💜🙏

  4. Jane A says:

    This is awesome!!!!! Thank you luv! I’m excited and ready to learn! 💜🙏🤗

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