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Stop Sugar Cravings

So how do we stop sugar cravings? It can feel so hard to break free from sugar. And there’s a good reason. Did you know that sugar is just as addictive as cocaine AND it alters your brain chemistry by robbing joy? You may have the belief that sugar and carb cravings are just mental […]

#028: How to Stop Sugar Cravings-Part 2

Body Health

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Stop Sugar Cravings

Do you wish you could stop sugar cravings? You’re not the only one! Join me in this episode as I shed light on the reality of sugar and its toxic effects on the body, mind, and spirit. How to Stop Sugar Cravings I share a simple strategy that will help you become more mindful of […]

#027: How to Stop Sugar Cravings-Part 1

Mind Health

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Nancy's Story

Nancy’s story of her journey to health and freedom will encourage and inspire you! Nancy battled sugar cravings, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, pain, and depression for nearly her whole life. Just two years ago, she made a decision that changed EVERYTHING. She decided to begin her journey to a healthy, free life. Nancy’s Story: […]

#026: Nancy’s Story: How She Conquered Cravings, Disease, and Depression (+ lost 50 pounds!)

Success Stories

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Amy's Story

I’m going to share Amy’s story. You’ll hear how Amy went from being addicted to sugar, sluggish, and overweight, to living her abundant life with plenty of physical work on her farm, an enriching Bible reading habit, and wearing clothes that had previously been “locked away” in her closet. You’ll hear how Amy followed my […]

#007: Amy’s Story: How She Stopped Sugar Cravings and Lost 35 Pounds

Success Stories

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