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Making Health Priority

Making your health a priority is non-negotiable if you want to live a healthy free life. So the question is, is your health a priority? If I were to look at your daily and weekly calendar and to-do list, would I see healthy activities listed? Do you have things like workouts, menu planning, cooking dinner, […]

#045: Making Your Health a Priority

Mind Health

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Lifer Creed - featured

The Lifer Creed will help you finally achieve your goals for your health! No more resolutions. Do you set New Year’s resolutions year after year, only to find that lasting change is nearly impossible? You’re not alone! 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail… so what’s the alternative? Join me in this episode of Healthy Free […]

#039: The LIFEr Creed

Mind Health

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stay motivated

Staying motivated in your weight loss journey can be such a struggle if the number on the scale doesn’t go down as much as you hoped. Or worse, it goes up. Amiright? Join me in this #AskKatrina episode where I answer one of the most frequently asked questions about getting healthy and losing weight.   […]

#031: How to Stay Motivated in Your Weight Loss Journey (especially when you’ve gained weight)

Ask Katrina

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Cindys Success Story

Cindy’s story of health and healing will encourage and inspire you! Sometimes you don’t realize how transformational starting a health journey can be until you listen to someone’s true story. Listen in to this episode of Healthy Free Life Show, as I bring you a story of success by Cindy, a student of the Healthy […]

#030: Cindy’s Story: How She Ditched Sugar and Disease (+ lost 50 pounds!)

Success Stories

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have incredible powers. Did you know they can provide natural solutions to chronic conditions and diseases? Would you love natural health remedies for you and your family? Remedies for things such as stress, sleep issues, painful joints, anxious or sad feelings? Essential oils can help! Did you know that essential oils can even […]

#024: The Healing Power of Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Body Health

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Create Healthy Habits

Do you struggle to create healthy habits? Not sure where to start when creating new habits? How to Create Healthy Habits That Last Join me in this episode of Healthy Free Life Show as I explain the most effective way to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. You’ll learn the 4 laws of habit […]

#023: How to Create Healthy Habits That Last

Mind Health

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Wish you could break bad habits? It can seem so hard. But it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Maybe you just haven’t had the right system for change!   How to (finally!) Break Bad Habits the Right Way Are you the type of person that can’t keep a bag of cookies or chips in the […]

#022: How to (finally!) Break Bad Habits

Mind Health

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back on track

Have you ever needed help to get back on track with your healthy journey? I’m teaching you my simple, six-step plan for getting back on track because listen, we’re gonna fall off track. This journey to a healthy, free life is not some magical journey that we take on which we just take one step […]

#013: Get Back on Track with These 6 Simple Steps

Mind Health

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Journey to Health

Do you ever feel like your journey to health is doomed and you are sinking in the quicksand of your own poor health? Do you feel alone and scared that you are beyond repair? This is NOT true! God has a purpose for your life and desires for you to walk in HEALTH, FREEDOM, and […]

#003: Katrina’s Journey to Health

About Us

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health journey

Discover the RIGHT way to start your health or weight loss journey that leads to results and lasting success. Hint… It’s all about God. The goal of this episode is to break that cycle of diets, deprivation, and defeat so you can go from being burdened and bound to a healthy, free LIFEr. In this […]

#002: Invite God Into Your Health Journey

Spirit Health

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