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Cindys Success Story

Cindy’s story of health and healing will encourage and inspire you! Sometimes you don’t realize how transformational starting a health journey can be until you listen to someone’s true story. Listen in to this episode of Healthy Free Life Show, as I bring you a story of success by Cindy, a student of the Healthy […]

#030: Cindy’s Story: How She Ditched Sugar and Disease (+ lost 50 pounds!)

Success Stories

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Amy's Story

I’m going to share Amy’s story. You’ll hear how Amy went from being addicted to sugar, sluggish, and overweight, to living her abundant life with plenty of physical work on her farm, an enriching Bible reading habit, and wearing clothes that had previously been “locked away” in her closet. You’ll hear how Amy followed my […]

#007: Amy’s Story: How She Stopped Sugar Cravings and Lost 35 Pounds

Success Stories

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reach your goals

I want you to be able to reach your goals, but it’s important to stop setting goals for your health. I’m sharing what to do instead of goal setting because focusing on your goals is one of the worst things to do. In fact, if you focus only on your goals, you may never achieve […]

#006: 3 Reasons We Fail to Reach Our Goals (and How to Fix It!)

Mind Health

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