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Peggys Story Featured

Peggy’s story of how she overcame a lifetime of struggles with excess weight and exhaustion will encourage and inspire you! Peggy had struggled with her weight since she was a child. She has tried multiple diets in the last several decades, none of which helped her lose the excess 50 pounds she was burdened with. […]

#040: Peggy’s Story: Her 40 Day Food Revival Experience

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Julie's Story Featured

Julie’s story of breaking free from dieting, excess weight, exhaustion, and fear of going out in public will encourage and inspire you! We all know how controversial dieting is… but Julie is living (and now thriving) proof of how diets can do more harm than good. Julie has struggled with her weight since she was […]

#037: Julie’s Story: How She Stopped Dieting and Lost 70 Pounds

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Cindys Success Story

Cindy’s story of health and healing will encourage and inspire you! Sometimes you don’t realize how transformational starting a health journey can be until you listen to someone’s true story. Listen in to this episode of Healthy Free Life Show, as I bring you a story of success by Cindy, a student of the Healthy […]

#030: Cindy’s Story: How She Ditched Sugar and Disease (+ lost 50 pounds!)

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Nancy's Story

Nancy’s story of her journey to health and freedom will encourage and inspire you! Nancy battled sugar cravings, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, pain, and depression for nearly her whole life. Just two years ago, she made a decision that changed EVERYTHING. She decided to begin her journey to a healthy, free life. Nancy’s Story: […]

#026: Nancy’s Story: How She Conquered Cravings, Disease, and Depression (+ lost 50 pounds!)

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Theresa's Story

Theresa’s Story is inspiring and encouraging. Can you imagine losing 100 pounds and finally being able to breathe- literally and figuratively? Well, Theresa did just that. She shares her previous struggles, her successes, and how she made The Academy her own. Listen to podcast here (or read down below)   In this episode, you’ll learn…  […]

#019: Theresa’s Story: How She Lost 100 Pounds

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Chris' Journey

In Chris’ Journey, you’ll see how a “husky” boy became a master of menopause (a metabolic expert) with a true heart to help others succeed in their health journey. I talk with my husband, Chris, who is our resident physical therapist and strength coach here at Healthy Free Life. He is also a metabolism expert. […]

#017: Chris’ Journey to Health (Katrina’s Husband’s Story)

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