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Listen to the podcast here…   Other places to listen: iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcast |  Amazon Music     Do you struggle to manage overwhelm with in-the-moment emotions? Perfectionism or people-pleasing? Have you ever felt like you were “never enough”? Do you struggle with emotional eating?   Meet Alicia Michelle In this episode […]

#054: Simple Strategies to Manage In-the-Moment Emotions with Guest Alicia Michelle

Mind Health

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Wish you could break bad habits? It can seem so hard. But it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Maybe you just haven’t had the right system for change!   How to (finally!) Break Bad Habits the Right Way Are you the type of person that can’t keep a bag of cookies or chips in the […]

#022: How to (finally!) Break Bad Habits

Mind Health

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Identity in Christ

Our identities in Christ are reality. Who you are in Christ is the truth of who you are! You’ll hear “I am…” statements in four categories. Listen today. Listen tomorrow. Listen until you can’t forget! You’ll hear it’s because of who Christ is and what he did on the cross for you, that you are […]

#008: Identity in Christ: 63 I Am Affirmations

Spirit Health

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