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Morning Routine

Listen to the podcast here…   Other places to listen: iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcast |  Amazon Music   What is a morning routine? Have you considered the impact your morning has on the rest of your day? There are major benefits of having a healthy morning routine.   Healthy morning routines can: improve […]

#051: Morning Routine: My Morning 7

Mind Health

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It's never too late

Listen to the podcast here…   Other places to listen: iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcast |  Amazon Music   So many people think that it’s too late to change your habits and get healthy at 60 or 70 years old… but Deb is walking, thriving proof that it’s never too late.   Deb’s Story […]

#050: Deb’s Story: At 70, Proves It’s Never Too Late

Success Stories

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drink water for weight loss

Do you realize to drink water for weight loss is one of the easiest and most important actions towards health and weight loss? And guess what… you can easily do it today. It is incredibly important and often simply overlooked because most people focus on what they are eating, or maybe exercise. But this is […]

#014: Drink Water for Weight Loss: Could It Be This Simple?

Weight Loss

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Amy's Story

I’m going to share Amy’s story. You’ll hear how Amy went from being addicted to sugar, sluggish, and overweight, to living her abundant life with plenty of physical work on her farm, an enriching Bible reading habit, and wearing clothes that had previously been “locked away” in her closet. You’ll hear how Amy followed my […]

#007: Amy’s Story: How She Stopped Sugar Cravings and Lost 35 Pounds

Success Stories

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food glorious food

Food! Glorious food. Have you ever considered your RELATIONSHIP with food? Would you consider it a good relationship with healthy boundaries and full of grace? Or would you have to honestly admit it’s full of obsessions, legalism, or bondage?   Developing a healthy relationship with food, God’s glorious food.   I describe eating God’s way […]

#004 How to Eat God’s Way Using Glorious Foods

Body Health

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