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healthy free life show

powerful protein

Listen to the podcast here…   Other places to listen: iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Google Podcast |  Amazon Music   Did you know that getting enough powerful protein is essential for your body to heal, renew itself, and function properly? Powerful Protein! Protein is an essential macronutrient we eat and use every single day. Join […]

#053 Powerful Protein: You’re Probably Not Getting Enough

Body Health

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stay motivated

Staying motivated in your weight loss journey can be such a struggle if the number on the scale doesn’t go down as much as you hoped. Or worse, it goes up. Amiright? Join me in this #AskKatrina episode where I answer one of the most frequently asked questions about getting healthy and losing weight.   […]

#031: How to Stay Motivated in Your Weight Loss Journey (especially when you’ve gained weight)

Ask Katrina

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Eat God's Way

Eat and live God’s way. Have you ever tried it? It can be easy to look to the world for solutions on losing weight and getting healthy… but the answer is right in God’s Word. Join me in this episode of Healthy Free Life Show as I share God’s Word with you and offer you […]

#029: Eat and Live God’s Way, Not Man’s

Spirit Health

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Stop Sugar Cravings

Do you wish you could stop sugar cravings? You’re not the only one! Join me in this episode as I shed light on the reality of sugar and its toxic effects on the body, mind, and spirit. How to Stop Sugar Cravings I share a simple strategy that will help you become more mindful of […]

#027: How to Stop Sugar Cravings-Part 1

Mind Health

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Good Carbs Bad Carbs

There are good carbs and bad carbs. Do you know the difference? It’s time for a carbohydrate revival! Join me in this episode as I break down the scientific research behind carbohydrates. You’ll learn why you shouldn’t be afraid of good carbs if they are the right carbs, how to avoid blood sugar spikes from […]

#021: Good Carbs, Bad Carbs – How to Make the Right Choice

Body Health

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food glorious food

Food! Glorious food. Have you ever considered your RELATIONSHIP with food? Would you consider it a good relationship with healthy boundaries and full of grace? Or would you have to honestly admit it’s full of obsessions, legalism, or bondage?   Developing a healthy relationship with food, God’s glorious food.   I describe eating God’s way […]

#004 How to Eat God’s Way Using Glorious Foods

Body Health

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