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#003: Katrina’s Journey to Health

April 21, 2021

Do you ever feel like your journey to health is doomed and you are sinking in the quicksand of your own poor health? Do you feel alone and scared that you are beyond repair? This is NOT true! God has a purpose for your life and desires for you to walk in HEALTH, FREEDOM, and […]

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I'm Katrina!

I’m on a mission to help Christians get healthy, ditch disease, lose weight and find food freedom so you can live that abundant life you’ve been promised.


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Journey to Health

Do you ever feel like your journey to health is doomed and you are sinking in the quicksand of your own poor health? Do you feel alone and scared that you are beyond repair? This is NOT true! God has a purpose for your life and desires for you to walk in HEALTH, FREEDOM, and ABUNDANT LIFE.

I talk about my journey from a hot mess to vibrant health.

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I share the details of my life with acne, infertility, anxiety, and borderline depression, how I was so exhausted all of the time. But then God…

What you’ll learn in this episode…

00:30 My story: Struggling with weight, allergies, mental health, and eating habits.

03:21 The power of inviting God into your health journey.

04:31 The book that changed my life.

05:41 The reality of what it takes to restore health and vitality.

06:25 How my step-by-step plan will help you navigate your health journey and see results.

06:46 Trust the process and trust in Him!

07:44 How and why to look for holistic results in your health journey.

08:29 My results: Freedom!

09:05 God’s vision for me + What I learned from attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

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“You have the power to break free from the burdens that are holding you back from living a healthy, abundant life. I did, now it’s your turn!”


Links mentioned in this episode:

Healthy Free Life Starter Kit

The Superfoods Rx Diet by Steven G. Pratt M.D. and Kathy Matthews


I want to share my journey to health with you.

My mission is to help you experience a healthy, free life, and the reason I’m so passionate is because of my life story.


We were meant to live free.

We were meant to live free from

  • disease,
  • exhaustion,
  • excess weight,
  • food fixation,
  • and free to fulfill our God-given purpose.


I was once sick and diseased.


I struggled with weight and I was unable to fulfill my God-given purpose as a result.

You see, I started out as a very sickly child:

  • I had severe asthma and allergies,
  • was on several medications, (and they were not as great as they are today.)
  • was in and out of doctors’ offices,
  • and in and out of hospital stays.

The result of the medications left me without an appetite.

They left me pretty small and frail. In fact, string bean comes to mind.


Fast forward to my twenties…

My husband, Chris, and I got married when we were 22.

In that first decade of my adult life, I abused my temple.

  • I hated veggies,
  • loved Dr. Pepper,
  • lived at Taco Bell on the corner,
  • and had a high-stress job as a registered nurse working the night shift.

I worked in ortho trauma units where we would have motor vehicle accident patients coming in and also worked in labor and delivery where I was in a high-stress position to make decisions about labor and delivery, which sometimes ended in the O.R.

My work time meals consisted of:

  • Slimfast drinks
  • coffee
  • peanut M&Ms


I had constant sugar cravings and boy did I give into those cravings. I didn’t know I was a sugar addict but ate sugar all day long… breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert.


Oh, and in my free time, for fun, I was a yo-yo dieter…


Chris and I tried every diet out there.


Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • The Atkins Diet
  • South Beach Diet
  • The Zone Diet
  • The Flat Belly Diet
  • Body for Life
  • The Cabbage Soup Diet


I thought dieting was the solution to all our problems.


They weren’t.

From how I chose to care for my body, how I was eating, all of the dieting that I had done, I was struggling big time.


I was still suffering from allergies and asthma. In fact, in my twenties, I ended up on a ventilator, in the hospital for several days. In addition to that, I had

  • chronic fatigue,
  • acne,
  • infertility,
  • anxiety,
  • and I was bordering on depression.


And I had a buzz inside my chest that was always with me.

My anxiety felt like a spiritual battle or a mental issue. This was not what I wanted.


Not the abundant life that God had promised me.


I had a God-given purpose, but I wasn’t able to fully live that out because I was physically burdened.

It was in my desperation that I began to cry out to God for relief from my physical burdens.


I invited God into my health journey.


I finally went to him instead of diets.

He answered my prayers, but it was not instant healing like I thought it would be.


Instead, he brought me on a journey.

He began to show me how to use his glorious foods to heal my body. He showed me how to begin to bring restoration to my temple.


One of the people he used to help me on my journey was my mom. My mom had just recently had a health scare with cervical cancer. And so she was on a desperate search to bring health and restoration to her body. She wanted to prevent cancer from ever returning to her body.


She began to give me resources.

There was the internet, of course, but there was not a lot available. And the books that were available were more about dieting than about health.

But there was one book my mother gave me and it was called The Superfoods Rx Diet by Steven G. Pratt.

Inside this book, there were like 14 superfoods that if you included into your life, you’d experience more health and vitality and all sorts of amazing things.

And so I was like, “Oh, well this seems doable.”

So I began to follow what it was telling me. To my diet, I added…

  • spinach
  • green tea
  • dark chocolate
  • salmon


I began to understand the power of food.


As I continued eating these new foods, I began to experience relief and results!

  • lessened anxiety
  • less acne
  • allergies began to go away


I began to get focused on relief and freedom and began to taste it and experience it. 

I was no longer most concerned about weight and outward appearance.


Freedom motivated me to continue to do more.


And listen, it was not perfect.

In fact, I want you to know the length of my journey, not to discourage you, but to share with you the reality of what it took to restore my temple.


My journey to health was a five-year journey.


I was 30 when I started and I was 35 when you could look at me and see I was vibrant with good health.

But I didn’t have a coach. I didn’t have a Katrina to help me on the journey so that I could know exactly the steps I needed to take.


My goal for your health journey is a shorter-than-five-year period.


I have a step-by-step plan, the Healthy Free Life Way, and the goal is to help you navigate your health journey much more quickly.

In fact, the students I have the joy of working with, begin to experience relief from their physical burdens within a few short weeks.


Please don’t give up on your health journey!


Trust that as you are taking faithful step after faithful step, as you are adding in God’s glorious foods, using lifestyle choices (like rest and movement and exercise), and your spiritual health is a top priority, I want you to trust the process.


“I want you to trust that if God has led you on the journey to restoring your health and you are taking faithful step after faithful step, you are bringing health and vitality to each and every one of your cells.” – Katrina


Your health is going to blossom and you are going to begin to experience results.

I want you to look for results that are not just about weight and the scale.

Look for things like:

  • increased energy
  • mental clarity
  • brain fog is gone
  • improved mood
  • deepened relationship with the Lord
  • glowing skin

As you begin to focus on these amazing results, they’re going to continue to motivate you and drive your desire to continue your journey.

So listen, my journey was incredible. There was joy in it. I wasn’t burdened with dieting. I was just after health.


As a result of this journey, my body was restored to a place of true health.


I radically transformed my life and experienced lasting healing in all of the areas that I mentioned before.

I am free!

  • from the effects of disease.
  • struggling with weight.
  • to fully live life.


My health journey drew me closer to God.


My relationship with God deepened and what happened next changed everything in my life. 

It was 2009 after I had gone through my health journey when God spoke to me.

I remember the day. I was working at my local church, sitting at my desk in a quiet dimly lit room. He impressed this vision, this mission on my heart. And he showed me that I wasn’t the only one struggling, that there were others.

He said to me,

“My people are sick and dying. I want you to help them to remove the physical burdens from their life so that they can live out the life I am calling them to live.”


It was a life-changing moment, for sure.

I said yes to his call and then went on to make this mission official and attended the largest nutrition school in the world, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

  • I became a certified health coach, which integrated beautifully with my past experience as a registered nurse,
  • studied under top experts in the field of nutrition,
  • and learned how to coach others to transform their own lives through healthy eating and living.

Since graduating, I’ve also had extensive training and certification in women’s hormones and resetting the metabolism.

My education has equipped me with a deep knowledge of holistic nutrition, health coaching, and the importance of caring for our temple.

And now I get to share my message with you and help you as I have thousands of others. I want to help you to connect the dots and show you exactly how to begin and how to eat and live healthy for the glory of God.


My life’s purpose:

To help you release the physical burdens holding you back from living the life and you were called to live.


Dear one, I want this for you. I want you to know that you don’t have to live burdened and bound, unable to fulfill your purpose. You can choose a new way. You can get healthy and free from the burdens that are holding you back and live the abundant life that you have been promised, and I want to help you.

So I’ve put a starter kit together for you. It’s free and you can find it by clicking here.

This healthy free life starter kit includes a prayer, a seven-day devotional, it has my glorious food listing in it, and more, to help start your journey the right way.

And now I will leave you with this from 2 Corinthians, 13:11,


“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”


Until next time. Bye for now.


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