When it comes to our health or losing weight, I’m not sure that we consider the importance of RENEWING OUR MINDS.

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We may understand the concept of renewing our minds when it comes to other areas of our life – overcoming anxiety or fear or during times of despair.

But time and time again I work with Christian women who attempt to lose weight or try to get healthy without considering using the power of GOD’s WORD or tapping into God’s strength to help us in our transformation journey.

We can also use God’s Word to renew our minds during times when when we are tempted to eat our emotions.

If you desire to lose weight and get healthy – dive into the Word DAILY! Multiple times a day in fact. Renew your mind!

If you need some scriptures to help you during times of emotional eating, then be sure to check out this download freebie I created just for you.



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