Share Your Testimony

Healthy Free Life… it’s a movement.

It is a movement of people, just like you, who want to take back their life and so they can abundantly live out their purpose that God has created them for.

Healthy hands and feet of Jesus.

Imagine with me for a moment what a difference this could make for eternity. Our brother’s and sister’s lives that will be transformed. And the lives that they will transform as a result of being healthy and whole.

I pray that Heaven will look different because of the work that God is doing in and through us as a result of Healthy Free U.

I need your help.

Others need to know about Healthy Free U.

Lord willing, we will be opening up the doors for others to join Healthy Free U again soon.

I can share my story, I can create a beautiful sales page, I can create the best launch plan, I can spend lots of money on marketing.

But do you know what will have the biggest impact on their decision to join?

YOUR testimony. YOUR experience. YOUR story.

They can see themselves in your story. They will identify.

My desire is that they will want what you’ve got, which is the beginnings of a Healthy Free Life.

That is how I need your help.

Would you be willing to share your testimony?

I would be so grateful!

I have made it super easy for you to do so. I promise.

Whenever someone asks me for my testimony, just an open-ended… “Hey, can you send me a testimony?” –  I always freeze up. What do I say? How do I say it? It needs to be perfect. And on and on. I don’t end up giving my testimony, even if I love the person/product/business. Ugh.

This will not be you!

Instead of asking you for an open testimony, I’m going to baby step you through the testimonial process so that it is easy and simple.

Four steps… Complete a survey, leave a Facebook Review, create a Video Testimony, send me a photo.

For completing all 4 steps, I have this special gift I want to send you for taking such time, energy and bravery to complete this task.

I want to send you my scrumptious Snacks & Desserts Recipe Book [pdf download].

OH MY! Packed with yummy energy power balls, satisfying snacks, tasty treats and healthy desserts. 

**When you complete the below 4 steps, I will be alerted. Once I have confirmed all steps completed, the Snacks & Desserts Recipe Book download will be emailed to you. I can’t wait for you to get this in your hands… so many yummy options. Deprivation is not required. 


Directions to Share Your Testimony:

1. Complete Healthy Free U Survey. I will walk you through a series of 7 questions that will help you craft and create your Facebook and Video Testimonies. ***NOTE: Perhaps print a copy of your filled out survey before hitting the “DONE” button.
Click here for survey ==>> 

2. Leave a Facebook Review. Using your survey answers, create a short & sweet Facebook Review  
Click here for facebook review==>> 

3. Create a Video Testimony. After you have answered the Survey Questions and created a Facebook Review, you will be all ready to talk on video. There is a reason I have you do it in this order. Yes, I know this might sound scary to some. But know this, it is not about you. Viewers will only be thinking of themselves when they watch your video. They are hoping to identify with you and see if you have the answer they are desperate for.


[clipchamp label=”RECORD or UPLOAD Testimony HERE” size=”medium”]

4. Send me a photo of beautiful you! The real you. This photo will go along with the written testimony you share.

Send a photo one of these ways:

  1. Email me: )
  2. Facebook message me a photo of you.
  3. Or I can download and use one of your Facebook profile photos.

How to Create a Video

Camera: use smartphone camera or a good webcam on your computer

Lighting: Find a well-lit area. Daytime, in front of a window, is best. You can bring in an extra lamp in front of you if the video seems a little dark.

Set Up Camera: Have camera height right at eye level, or even slightly above can be even more flattering. Place your phone or computer on a solid surface. We want to avoid jiggly selfie videos. You may need to get creative here. I have faith in you.

Audio: You want to be close enough to your phone so that your voice can be heard clearly.

You have 2 options.

  1. Record your video on your device and upload it using the below link (unlimited length)
  2. Record directly into this app using the below link (limit is 5 minutes)

[clipchamp label=”RECORD or UPLOAD Testimony HERE” size=”medium”]

Hit record and start sharing your testimony.

Don’t try and be perfect. Just be YOU!

It doesn’t have to be a long video!

When you are done, stop recording.

On a mobile device, Select “Use Video”

IMPORTANT: Be sure to select “Submit Video” in order for it to upload.

The video uploads to a private folder on my site. It does not get shared immediately. I will edit for you… so any beginning or ending where you are hitting record, etc, I will take that out for you. Just send the raw data. I can even edit out if you break or pause.

Thank you SO much! 

💕 Katrina

P.S. Once you complete the four steps, I will email you my exclusive Snacks & Desserts Recipe Book download! I have taken snack and dessert recipes from several of my coaching program recipe books and compiled them into this yummy Snack & Dessert recipe book. I have never released this before. This is just for you. I can’t wait to get this gift in your hands! YUM! 

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