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Learn how to re-ignite your metabolism and experience lasting weight loss.

create a Sustainable Lifestyle by working hand-in-hand with your metabolism. because Fighting against your body never works.  

Experience Freedom: Diets are all about deprivation. Learn how to still eat DELICIOUS Food and stay thin and healthY. All for God's Glory!

3 Secrets to Losing Weight Without Diets, Deprivation, or Defeat.

The Metabolic BLUEPRINT

Learn how to HEal your metabolism and re-ignite your metabolic system for weight loss and increased energy.

Balance the hormones You've unknowingly been fighting against AND FIND TRUE Food (and cravings) FREEDOM.

Reclaim your identity as a daughter of God and Restore the confidence that knowledge brings

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We understand your journey - the silent struggles, the whispered prayers, the hidden tears. We've walked in your shoes, faced the same battles. But with unwavering faith and God's grace (and a whole lot of education and experience!), we uncovered a transformative weight loss solution. Now, we're eager to share this revelation with you. Join us for this class where you will...

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with Chris & Katrina

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Hi! We're
Chris & Katrina

We have been working with clients for almost three decades to improve their health and life. Chris as a physical therapist and strength coach, and Katrina as a registered nurse and certified health coach.

We have helped thousands of Healthy Free Life students learn to eat and live God's way and transform their health. But there was a small population that still struggled to lose weight despite "doing everything right." We were just as frustrated as they were. 

We knew the answer was not going to be found in the latest fad diet, but rather in getting to the root of their metabolism problem. So we sought out and found the world's top metabolic expert and were mentored by him for two years during which we gained advanced training and certification in metabolism and female hormone system.

Over the last 5 years, we have successfully coached hundreds of students through our Metabolic Reboot group coaching program helping them to achieve real, lasting weight loss. We can't wait to help you do the same!

Chris Sequenzia, PT
Katrina sequenzia, RN, CHC

“This is AMAZING information”

I have never heard most of this, so this tells me I have been listening to the wrong people. This is amazing information. I can't wait to get started!!! 


"This is brilliant!"


"Thank you for explaining it so well!"





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