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You never have to diet again. Ever.

You never have to diet again.

Metabolic Reboot is the proven weight loss system for Christian women, where you'll learn how to heal your metabolism and balance your hormones so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

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"Metabolic Reboot is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I reached my goal weight and gained a healthy perspective as I've journeyed through this process."

— Amy G.
Metabolic Reboot Student

"I'm healthier than I've ever been and am the size I was in high school."

Diet failure is not your fault.
It's The diet industry that has failed you.

If you’ve ever heard it’s just “calories in, calories out,” or you just need to do the “Keto diet” or “intermittent fasting,” or you just need more willpower, we're here to tell you those won’t help you.

Did you know that following the standard diet plan of eating less and exercising more is a recipe for more cravings, diet failure, increased weight GAIN, and destroys your metabolism in the process?

The secret that nobody talks about is when you “go on a diet,” it creates hormonal chaos in your body, which then causes more intense cravings, increased hunger, decreased energy and unsustainable weight loss. 

If you have been struggling to lose weight, have unrelenting cravings, or are burdened with general health issues, we're here to tell you it’s not YOUR fault. Your hormones are most likely out of balance, and it’s causing you to feel cravings almost hourly, exhaustion growing every day, and the frustration about weight loss to build and build. And we can see it crushing you - physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

There's a better way to get healthy, lose weight, and keep it off...

Heal your metabolism

The root cause of excess weight, exhaustion, cravings and disease is an unhealthy metabolism. Forcing your body to lose weight with dieting will only make things worse and damage your metabolism further.

In order to heal your metabolism, you must follow the 4 Phases of Metabolic Healing:

1. PREPARE by easing your mind and body into the REBOOT Phase.

2. REBOOT by balancing your hormones and creating a small calorie deficit using an eating and lifestyle plan unique to you and your results.

3. TOGGLE by switching to different ways of eating and exercising when results plateau (because they will!).

4. MAINTAIN by learning how to sustain your results. We don't have a weight loss problem. We have a weight loss maintenance problem. While you can't go back to your old ways of eating and living, you can create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you LOVE that maintains your results. 

Journeying through these 4 Phases (and cycling back through them when needed!) is KEY to healing your metabolism. We would love to be your guide!

Feel good in your own skin again and to love what you see in the mirror.

Get off the diet roller coaster and find the perfect diet for you, eat as God designed, and drop the food struggle for good.

Have the energy to play tag with your kids - or grandkids - without getting out of breath or exhausted!

Be healthier and happier than you've ever been.

Find joy in the journey and grow closer to God in the process?

Just imagine. What would it be like to...

It is possible!

I'm ready!

"I went on a mission trip to Honduras and was able to keep up with all of the younger team members."

There was a ton of physical activity building a home, painting a community pavilion, and hiking into some areas to serve and share God's Word. Before joining Metabolic Reboot, I would have been an anchor. Now since I’ve lost 28 lbs and become healthier and more energetic I pulled my own weight! 

Lorrie, Metabolic Reboot Student

"In 10 weeks I lost 23 pounds! I have clearer thinking, better sleep, and less joint pain."

Chris & Katrina present information very clearly and with good explanations. They helped us understand the things affecting us that we were unaware of, or unclear about like hormones. The encouragement and grace Chris and Katrina offered is so healing. But they also tell it like it is and hold us accountable.

Penny, Metabolic Reboot Student

We have been working with clients for almost three decades to improve their health and life. Chris as a physical therapist and strength coach, and Katrina as a registered nurse and certified health coach.

We have helped thousands of Healthy Free Life students learn to eat and live God's way and transform their health. But there was a small population that still struggled to lose weight despite "doing everything right." We were just as frustrated as they were. 

We knew the answer was not going to be found in the latest fad diet, but rather in getting to the root of their metabolism problem. So we sought out and found the world's top metabolic expert and were mentored by him for two years during which we gained advanced training and certification in metabolism and female hormone system.

Hi! We're Chris & Katrina

Over the last 5 years, we have successfully coached hundreds of students through our Metabolic Reboot group coaching program helping them to achieve real, lasting weight loss.

In case we haven't met...

Chris Sequenzia, PT
Katrina Sequenzia, RN, CHC

"My life is just happier. The best part is I am closer to Jesus."

I can do so much more than I was able to before. Before I had anxiety when going out because I got tired just by walking and was always worried about what people thought. Now I'm so excited to be able to move that I don't care what people think. And I know things are just going to get better as I continue toward my goal.


Lost 91 pounds and counting

Results Speak for Themselves

"If you you think you're too late, old, unfit, overweight - THINK AGAIN!"

This is not on a diet; it's a lifestyle change. I'm eating healthy, and I'm eating God's way. I never tell people I've done the hard work. I did participate, but God's done the hard work in changing me to have faith in him that this body he created, he can still perform miracles with it. I've got the doctor's proof.


Lost 70+ pounds (without a thyroid!)
Ditched diabetes & medications

"This program accelerated my life like no other that I have experienced!"

I showed up and was accountable to the entire program- I have NEVER done that for any program that I started. The value that God brought through this program can't be measured by cost or time.


Accelerated her life!

Would you love a new way of eating and living that WORKS and LASTS? Would you love to create a healthy lifestyle you LOVE and could do for the rest of your life so you NEVER have to diet again?


Welcome to

The comprehensive three month group coaching program for Christian women designed to heal your metabolism and balance your hormones so that you can get healthy, ditch disease, and lose the weight. For good.

We will teach you how to create your own diet that works for your hormones, metabolism, and food preferences, and most importantly delivers results.
We will provide you with tools to make the Metabolic Reboot way of eating easy. We will teach you our simple 7S meal system and provide you with yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. You will not feel deprived with our yummy snack and dessert guide! We will help you put it all together by teaching you how to menu plan each week so you are set up for success. The best part is we will ease you into the program during the PREPARE phase, taking one meal at a time and building over 4 weeks. This prevents overwhelm and helps you easily stick to the plan. 

While initially, the biggest, most significant changes to your metabolism will come from changing the way you eat, your metabolism is also impacted by other key lifestyle factors. 

During the program, we will also focus on lifestyle habits that will dramatically accelerate your results.

Month 1 is focused on the habit of rest.
Month 2 is focused on the habit of movement.
Month 3 is focused on the habit of exercise (INCLUDES WORKOUT VIDEOS Created by Chris!)

We will provide the action plans, support and accountability to create healthy habits that last.

1. Metabolic Reboot Core Curriculum

3-2-1 Eating Protocol

Lifestyle Protocol

no deprivation required

It's not just about food!

Here's what's included in Your 3 month program

You will get our 3-2-1 eating protocol & lifestyle protocols to help you discover exactly what is required to reboot your metabolism, fight cravings and hunger, and lose the weight for good.  This is what separates Metabolic Reboot from anything you’ve done before. 


We will walk you step-by-step through our signature four phase system:


ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT: We will hold your hand through the whole program, guiding and supporting you, keeping you accountable and cheering you on.

QUESTIONS ANSWERED: You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered live.

CONNECTION w/ OTHER MEMBERS: Live video sessions are done via Zoom so that you can see and connect with other group members. We will also have breakout sessions for supporting one another.

Tuesdays @ 8pm ET, starting September 26th.
Can't make it? Replays available.

Every week during the program, members can submit a request for a coaching session with Chris. If you get stuck, need an individualized approach, or have a complex question, you will have the opportunity to submit your case/question for consideration for one of the six rotating spots. All students are welcome to join these optional group sessions to learn from others' experience. 

Thursdays @ 12pm ET, starting September 28th.
Can't make it? Replays available.

2. Coaching w/ Chris & Katrina

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching

Weekly Office Hours

accountability & support

1:1 individualized coaching

Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things, amiright?
Countless studies have shown that when it comes to making big changes in your life, there's nothing more powerful than regular accountability. That's why we provide group coaching sessions where you can ask questions, receive individualized support, be held accountable, share and celebrate your wins and connect with other Christian women on the same journey. During the 3 month program you will receive bi-weekly group coaching sessions and weekly office hours with Chris.


PLUS! These Incredible Bonuses

Knowledge is power. This must-have bonus course that will teach you how to become the CEO of your hormonal health. With easy-to-understand language, Chris breaks down the complex topic of hormonal health, providing you with the tools to restore your sleep, increase your energy, and achieve long-lasting weight loss. Don't miss out on his in-depth teachings on the various hormonal stages women go through, from menstruation to post-menopause. Get ready to take control of your health and transform your life!

Metabolism & Hormones
Made Simple Course


Your mindset is a crucial factor that either makes or breaks your ability to achieve lasting weight loss results. Amiright? During each of our live group coaching sessions, Katrina will lead a segment dedicated to mastering your mindset. These sessions provide the missing link to achieving weight loss goals by reprogramming old, limiting beliefs with new ones, making it easier than ever before to achieve lasting results.

Mastering Your Mindset for Permanent Weight Loss


Don't let eating out or traveling derail your health goals - with Metabolic Reboot's Stay on Track guides, you can make healthy choices no matter where you go. Our comprehensive eating out guide provides delicious menu options for all your favorite chain and fast food restaurants, while our travel guide ensures you stay on track with your health goals while on the go. With easy-to-follow tips and tricks, you'll never have to sacrifice taste for nutrition again.

2 Guides to Help You Stay on Track on the Go!


The must-have bonus for anyone looking to take their weight loss journey to the next level. Discover the five essential supplements for increased vitality and energy, as well as our top metabolism-boosting supplements for faster weight loss results. Plus, learn about two stress-busting adaptogenic supplements that will help you fight stress and create calm. This bonus goes away tonight!

Ultimate Weight Loss Supplement Guide 

Fast Action Bonus

Metabolic Reboot includes everything you need to succeed.

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Core Curriculum:
3-2-1 Eating Plan & Lifestyle Protocols

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Bi-Weekly Group Coaching for Accountability & Support

Here's what you get with the 3 month metabolic reboot program

Weekly Office Hours for
1:1 Individualized Support

Accountability Partner for
Connection & Accountability

Bonus 1: Metabolism & Hormones Made Simple Course


Bonus 2: Mastering Your Mindset for Permanent Weight Loss Training

Bonus 3: Dining Out Guide
& Travel Guide to Stay on Track

$97 Value

$197 Value

$297 Value


$997 Value

$3,000 Value

$597 Value

Bonus 4: Exercise Videos and Workout Program

$197 Value

A $5,382 value for only $597

(payment plan available)

"I feel God has blessed me so much and I’m now able to be a blessing to others."

— Marylee

"I've lost 30 pounds.
I’m feeling motivated, encouraged."

"When I started the Metabolic Reboot, I was nervous about eating more food then I had eaten in quite some time, but I trusted the process and saw the changes."

"I lost I lost 16.4 pounds and 11.5 inches. And counting!"


"I was afraid Metabolic Reboot eating plan would be restrictive, but was able to stick to the plan 75% and saw results! I now have more energy, improved skin, and clearer thinking. 

"I reached my goal weight!"

— carla
Metabolic reboot student

Ignite your metabolism and lose up to 28 pounds.
(The average weight loss after 12 weeks is 10 pounds.)

have... more energy, better sleep, happier stable mood, glowing skin, clearer thinking, less stress, improved digestion so that you can feel great and live life again.

No longer struggle with hunger and cravings and develop a healthy relationship with food. You will be in control and confident with food choices.

Feel stronger and less pain so that you can run with your kids - or grandkids, garden, hike, and do things you love.

Gain incredible knowledge in metabolism and hormones so that you can take control and become the CEO of your health. 

You'll just be plain happier.
Hope will return and you'll be excited about the future.

By the end of Metabolic Reboot, you will...


And the best part?

You will invite God into the journey, learn to partner with him daily and depend on his strength, and grow closer to him through it all. All for His glory!

Results Within 3 Months of Starting

Debi - who tried every diet out there, lost 17 lbs and 19 inches.

Julie - who lacked motivation to eat healthy, tried all the diets and struggled with emotional eating, lost 14 lbs.

Anita - who dieted her entire life, lost 11 lbs and 11 inches.

Tina - who had lost 50 pounds in the Academy program, but had plateaued, broke through, and lost 10 pounds.

More stories to inspire...

This program includes everything you need to do the thing.

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Know this... You CAN lose weight.
You CAN get healthy and free!
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