Healthy Habits Challenge Day 1: Water


Welcome to Day 1 of the Healthy Habits Challenge!

This is going to be fantastic, and I’m thrilled to have you joining us.

Today’s Scripture:

Each day we will start with a scripture. I encourage you to meditate on this scripture throughout your day.

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.” – Matthew 5:3

If this is you right now – at the end of your rope – take heart. Sometimes we need to come to the end of our rope in order for transformation to occur.

Being at the bottom helps us to realize we need to go up. When I was at the bottom of my health 10+ years ago – suffering from chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, infertility, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression – I cried out to God. He heard my cry. 

And as the scripture tells us, with less of you, there is more of God and his rule. When I allowed Him to strengthen and guide me to the place of true health, my life was transformed. And He was glorified. 

If you are at the end of your rope, blessed one – cry out to God. Surrender today. Allow Him to guide you on this journey to a HEALTHY FREE LIFE.

To God be the glory.

Challenge Overview:

Each day of the Challenge, we will be adding in one super simple, healthy habit into your day. Think of them as Pillars of Health throughout your day. 

DAY 1 CHALLENGE– Drink 8 to 16 ounces of WATER upon waking 
DAY 2 – Coming Soon
DAY 3 – Coming Soon
DAY 4 – Coming Soon
DAY 5 – Coming Soon

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So let’s dive in! 

I am going to assume that you signed up for this Challenge because your intention is to get healthy and live free.  

One of the simplest actions you can take to become a healthier you is to drink more pure water.

I know. So simple. So basic. (“Really, Katrina? Water? That’s our first day’s challenge?”)

Hang with me for a minute.

Let me ask you…
Does your morning typically start with a coffee with cream and sugar? Or a Diet Coke? Or…. you get the idea. How you start your day matters.
I want to challenge you to DRINK 8 TO 16 OUNCES OF WATER UPON WAKING. Before coffee. Before anything else. 
Why should you be drinking water for your health? Well, water is the second most important thing that our bodies need to survive, oxygen being the first.  

The body uses about 10 – 12 cups of water a day during normal bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, elimination, and sweating. So we need to replenish it daily or our bodies will become dehydrated.

  • Prevent premature aging, reduce heartburn, ease constipation, support a healthy blood pressure, decrease joint and muscle pain, fight fatigue and eliminate brain fog.
  • Reduce or eliminate food cravings. Even cravings for sweet foods may actually be signals of dehydration.  If a sweet craving comes, try drinking 8 – 16 ounces of water and waiting 10-15 minutes to let the craving pass.
  • Increase fat metabolism. The secret to fat loss is drinking adequate amounts of water! How cool is that! Why? The kidneys need water to filter out waste and toxins from our bodies. If we don’t give our bodies the water it needs, the kidneys “dump” some of their workload on the liver. One of the liver’s jobs is to metabolize fat. But, when the liver is doing some of the kidney’s job, the liver can’t do its own job of metabolizing fat very well. So, you wanna metabolize some extra fat? Drink water!

When you drink water first thing in the morning, it helps to flush out all the toxins your body has been working hard to remove all throughout the night.


If you are normally not a water drinker, then start with the challenge of drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water upon waking

When you are ready to go to the next level, then drink pure water throughout the day. 

Everyone has different hydration needs, based on weight, activity level, and other factors.  Make it a starting goal to drink at least 3 to 4 (8 oz.) more glasses of water a day, and adjust according to your needs. 
See how you feel. Listen to your body. You will know you are getting enough water if your urine is a clear, pale, yellow color (like lemonade). If your urine is the color of apple juice, then time to drink more. And then drink more or less water depending on what your body is telling you. 

When you are a water drinking master, your goal is approximately 80 ounces per day.


I get it. This was me most of my life. This is not something that is enjoyable to a lot of people. And I truly believe that this comes from our standard American diet. We drink other tasty things- like coffee, soda, or juice, for example. 

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Filter your water. Most of our city/county waters are yuck. My favorite filter: ZEROWATER – the water tastes so much better with this filter. Filtering is actually a must anyway and a whole other topic!
  • Sparkling water
  • Add lemon or lime essential oil (use glass when using citrus oils)
  • Infuse an herbal tea back in your cold water. I like raspberry tea.
  • Add sliced strawberries or frozen blueberries
  • Add a splash of juice
  • Herbal tea, hot or iced

Meeting your body’s hydration needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Or boring. 
Action Steps:

1. Since you are already awake and reading this email… go find a glass and drink 8 to 16 ounces of water. Right now. I’ll be waiting here for you.

2. Then, starting tomorrow and every day thereafter… Drink 8 to 16 ounces of water upon waking.

BONUS: Challenge yourself to drink pure water throughout the day. Aim for half your body weight in fluid ounces. Fill your day’s bottles in the morning. Track it throughout the day. 

Take charge of your hydration starting today, and you will be one step closer to achieving your health goals.

Comment Below:

Are you in for this water challenge? Comment “Yes!” below to share your commitment. 

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