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Video Transcription:

Well, hey there, Katrina Sequenzia here and I am a certified health coach and founder of healthy free life where I am on a mission from God to help Christian women finally get healthy. Finally, gain freedom from food, feel good in their bodies once again so they can go and do and be all that God created them to be so they can abundantly live out this life that we’ve been given. And so in today’s video, I’m going to be talking about why we should even bother getting healthy and is getting healthy, even worth it. Like is it worth the fight? We’re going to be breaking that down today. First, I just, you know, I see good Christian women who just are in such physical bondage to, you know, to what’s going on with our body. So whether it be, you know, excess weight or low energy or even the onset of disease.

And so those, you know, our whole hormonal imbalances, all of those things that we deal with as women, right? And so these physical things are holding them back. They’re in bondage even to their body it is preventing them from fully living out this life, but then also with the struggle with food and in bondage to food and not able to to stop that struggle with the food, and so what happens is that because of our bondage our physical burdens that are holding us back and these mental burdens that are holding us back. We’re not able to go and do what we need to do to serve those, to love those fully that God has called us to do and so I have to be honest. This was. I can see it because this was my life too and full transparency. You see, just over 10 years ago, my life and my health, we’re in a very different place than they are today.

You see, I suffered from chronic fatigue, excess weight allergies, acne, infertility, asthma, anxiety, and even bordering on depression. And I don’t know about you, but those are not. That’s not abundant living at all. And so as you know, in my free time, here’s the best part, right? For Fun. I was a yo-yo dieter right? Tried every diet out there in an effort to get mine and my husband’s weight under control and so let me see if you can like relate to any of these. Have you ever tried the Atkins diet, the zone diet, the Hallelujah Acres diet? We have the south beach diet, the Slimfast diet, the cabbage soup diet. I don’t know. So many diets out there. Right? And maybe I’m aging myself with those diets, but I was just… this is what I did in my free time is I was just a Yo, Yo dieter.

So by the time I hit 30 years old, I was just a mess and suffered from all of those things that I just shared with you. And so I began to cry out to God and I was like, God, I just, you know, please release me from these physical burdens and guess what? He did not do so instantly as I hoped. I had just hope that like I would have instant healing from these things that I suffered from. But you see, he wanted to take me on a journey. And isn’t that how he operates sometimes? Where he wants for us to partner with him and be part of his miracle story, well, that’s what he did with me. You see, he began to show me through his word, through others how to begin to use his glorious foods to heal and to nourish my body and bring it back to a place of wholeness and you see when I began to learn how to eat and how to live according to his word and according to the goodness that he’s provided for us, my body began to experience the healing that I so desperately needed and so the excess weight that I had struggled with as well.

Well as I began focusing on my health and began to fight for my health, that excess weight it went away. I have not struggled with my weight since before that time because weight loss is the byproduct of wellness. It will happen as we begin to focus on God’s glorious foods and adding those in. That’s when the true transformation can occur. And so the beautiful thing was is that it didn’t stop there, right? It got even better. You see from that point, God impressed this vision and this mission on my heart and he shared with me that his people, his good people are sick and dying and that their physical burdens are holding them back from living the life that God has called them to live, and so as he shared this vision with me, he gave me the mission and he wanted me to help his people to remove those physical burdens so they can abundantly live out this life that he’s, that he’s given them, and so it was a really big mission and I.

I said Yes, I’m so. I went back to school. I attended the largest nutrition school in the world, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition out of New York City, and I studied under top experts in the field of nutrition. I studied from experts such as Mark Hyman and Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra and Ahmet Oz, and just all of these fantastic thought leaders and experts in the field of nutrition. But guess what? I learned over a hundred different dietary theories. Did you know that there are over 100 different dietary theories and I did and I learned what works and what doesn’t work, and I learned the goodness of how to care for our bodies and here’s the more important thing? I learned how to teach others to do the same and a much quicker way than I ever learned to do so and see all of this as a certified health coach. It actually blended so beautifully with my past experience as a registered nurse, and so now I’m able to help you connect the dots and show you how to eat and how to live for the glory of God.

And that is my mission. My purpose, my life’s calling is to help you to release excess weight, to release the low energy, to release the physical burden so that you can serve well so that you can’t experience joy so that you can experience the peace that I know that your heart desires. And so let me ask you this question. What would life look like for you if you were able to release those things that are holding you back from abundantly living this life that God has given you? What is possible? Have you ever thought about that, and this is why it is so important that we bother to get healthy because it matters not only now for our, for our own mental, spiritual, physical health. It matters not only now but it and it not only matters later in our life, right? I want to be on the mission field when I’m 80 years old, I don’t know about you, but how I care for my body today. It matters. We should bother to get healthy, but you see there’s good kingdom work for us to do in these moments as well. So how we care for our temple today. It matters for eternity and this is why I do what I do is I want to help you to release those physical burdens that are holding you back so that you can abundantly live the life that God has given you. I can’t wait to support you to do just that. Until next time, bye for now.

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