I used to be addicted to sugar. Plain and simple. Every afternoon you could find me in front of the vending machine in my office break room… which chocolate today?… Snickers? M&Ms? Twix? AND, should I get a Dr. Pepper today (my FAVORITE!) or should I “be good” and get the Diet Pepsi? 

I bet you have favorites, too.

And then after I crashed from my 2pm sugar high, I was back in the break room brewing a pot of coffee. And of course I would flavor said coffee with sugar AND flavored creamer. Yep. More sugar. PLUS caffeine. It was the only way to make my 45 minute commute home and function at night.

This was my life. A cycle of sugar highs and lows. It started with my morning cup of Joe and ended with more sweets before bed.

Not only did I feel crummy, my energy levels were all over the place, my moods would swing wild and my health was suffering… excess weight, acne, allergies, asthma, infertility, anxiety, depression.

Yeah. I was a mess.

But I really had NO CLUE that sugar was the root of my health disaster. Sure, I tried to “get healthy” by dieting along the way, but nothing ever solved my problem.

So I prayed. I asked God to remove the physical burdens from my life. But He didn’t do it like I thought He would.

Instead, He began to show me how to use His glorious foods and simple lifestyle changes to transform my health. I read books, did online research, and at the time, my mom was transforming her health after a scare with cancer, so I followed all the steps she gave me.

And you know what? My health was restored. Those physical burdens were removed.

I SO desire the same for you! Freedom from the physical burdens holding you back from living the life God has given you. Freedom to live out your purpose.

But, first. You must be freed from sugar.

Maybe you’ve questioned whether or not YOU have a problem with sugar. I invite you to keep reading and discover the truth for yourself…

If you agree to any of these clues, you might have a problem with sugar consumption. Sugar is highly addictive, if you do have a few of these signs, don’t worry, you can turn the situation around.

You crave sugary foods or refined carbs at least once a day

You love having a big donut or muffin with an afternoon coffee. Or maybe you’re more of a savory type of person and you enjoy a croissant loaded with cheese or a bag of chips. In the end it all turns into sugar.

You often keep eating even if your full

When you get your hands on a big piece of chocolate cake you can’t stop yourself from finishing it, even if you’re totally full.

You eat sugary foods or junk food even when you know you don’t need to

You had a nice healthy supper an hour ago, yet you want to snack on some jelly beans, chocolate or a bag of chips even though you KNOW that it’s not nutritionally necessary, nor are you truly even hungry.

You make excuses to eat sugar

You buy organic sugar or honey so that you can make excuses and claim that it’s healthier. In truth, sugar is still sugar, and you know this yet you can’t stop yourself from indulging.

You make special trips to the store or fast food joint to get your fix

Uh oh, your ice cream stash is empty, there are no more chips in the cupboard. Time to run to the store and stock up, or go through the drive thru just because you can.

Sugar becomes your reward

Oh I’ll just clean the kitchen and then I’ll deserve to have a slice of cheesecake. I had a rough day, I deserve to eat chips and drink pop for dinner.

You’ve got a secret stash and when nobody’s around you dig in

This is a big one, if you have a stockpile of unhealthy snacks that you hide from your loved ones, it’s time to open your eyes and put down the candy.

You’ve tried to stop eating sugar and you just can’t

No matter what you do it seems impossible to stop. You’ve tried to quit sugar but only end up feeling horrible and finally you cave in to the urge.

It doesn’t have to be this way, with the right strategies, delicious healthy recipes, and guidance from a qualified professional you can ditch your sugar woes and feel amazing.

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