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Would you love to learn to eat & live God's way, finally create a healthy lifestyle that lasts, and make this your healthiest year ever with a community to support you? 

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"I have food freedom, great energy, I'm stronger, my hair & skin are healthier. The body, mind, spirit approach & creating healthy habits using baby steps was the answer to my prayer."


lost 100 pounds!

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"I've lost 30 pounds, reduced joint pain, no more brain fog or antacids, lower blood pressure, and clearer skin!!!"


experiencing joy & Freedom


"I now have less body aches, more flexibility, a clearer mind and a much closer walk with Jesus. I've lost 53 lbs & 43 inches!"


experiencing joy & Freedom


real people. real results.

"God's using Healthy Free Life to replace despair with hope. It was the answer to my desperate plea."

My lifelong struggle with poor eating habits, food addiction and yo-yo dieting had finally caught up with me. My weight was at an all time high. I was discouraged. God led me to Healthy Free Life. In 5 months, God helped me to lose 32 pounds, my A1C is down, energy higher, and now buying non-plus size clothes!


Is enjoying life again

"In 3 months, I've lost 18 pounds. The real success is that I am living a much fuller, healthier life."

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was time to take my health back. The Academy taught me WHY I need proper nutrition. It is not just just a diet! It's my life! I lost 18 pounds, but the real success is how much better I feel. I have energy and I am totally weaned off all pain meds! Yes! HALLELUJAH!


Feels so much better-Body, Mind & Spirit

"I lost over 50 lbs and for the first time I'm experiencing abundant life living!"

The most impactful change has been in my mind. I now look forward to each day. My depression is gone. Through the Academy, I've come to realize that perfectionism isn't possible on this side of heaven, but progress is. Focusing on the monthly habits has been a game changer! 


experiencing changes inside & out

Hi! I'm Katrina.

I am on a mission to help Christians get their health back so they can fulfill their God-given purpose. As a Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse, along with experience from my own personal health transformation journey, I have coached thousands of others just like you, helping them to transform their life and health by releasing physical burdens of excess weight, low energy, and disease, so they can fulfill their God-given purpose. It’s time to break free!

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God-Centered. Biblically Based.
A Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Health.

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