When you set out to lose weight, it can feel so complicated and emotional.

There are a plethora of fitness and diet programs that manipulate the conversation on how to lose weight for their own financial benefit. Trust me, I know, I’ve tried way to many of them. The outlandish promises, the ubiquitous before and after pictures, and the undercurrent of deprivation and body scrutiny are just a few of the themes we often connect with weight loss.

Weight loss for health should not be this way, and reaching the right body weight for you should actually be an enjoyable, positive process.

The secret is to start with some simple changes to the way you THINK about weight loss, your lifestyle, and your food in general. 

How to lose weight the right way.

Here are three mindset changes that can help improve not just the weight loss process, but your perspective on becoming a healthier you, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

1. Enjoy Your Weight Loss Journey

Before working with me, many of my students were former Deprived Dieters. The years of yo-yo dieting have taken their toll. The cycles of binging and deprivation have worn them out. They arrive weary and hopeless.

As I begin working with them they discover a new way of looking at food. A new way of getting healthy. A better way to weight loss.

A new, joyful journey.

Getting healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to be painful.

Instead, your weight loss journey can be an opportunity to make discoveries about yourself. God has given us so many glorious foods to nourish and heal our bodies, you may discover new foods that you like. Exercise doesn’t have to be laborious, you can discover new ways of moving your body that brings fun and excitement!

The more joy you experience along the way, the more likely you are to continue the journey.

The longer you continue the journey, the greater the health and weight loss benefits.

You will be on your way to a HEALTHY FREE LIFE.

2. Keep It Super Simple

It can feel overwhelming to make new changes to your lifestyle. Maybe you’ve tried a time or two (or 32?).  You set your determination to lose weight. You pick the diet, you buy the book, you buy the supplements, you clear out your pantry and fridge, you buy hundreds of dollars of food, you buy a new exercise bike.

You are ALL IN.

What happens?

We cannot sustain. It was too much all at once.

We fall off the wagon.

Each time we try to get back on, it gets harder and harder.

At some point, we give up hope of success. Why bother?

I have a different approach to weight loss. Instead of diving in head first, begin slowly and gradually, and then keep it simple.

I am known for helping my students take baby steps. One foot in front of the other. One sustainable healthy habit at a time. Each layer you lay down is firm. The more layers you lay down, the greater the health benefits. It is exponential. Ten healthy habits built over the course of three months can have a profound effect on our life and health. Including weight loss.

A Healthy Free U student just posted a comment on this Facebook post … “He’s (husband) lost over 10 pounds. More than me. I’ve lost about 7. But to me it’s more than losing weight. I want to get healthy so I can get off as many meds as possible.”

She has been taking baby steps with me for the past two months. One by one. In faith, she and her husband are taking action. They are building healthy habits. Their lives are being transformed.

So how do we baby step our way to lose weight?

  • You could begin by adding one new healthy food at a time.
  • You could start with a healthy breakfast.
  • You could take a ten-minute walk every other day.

Start small, because small things often end up making a huge difference and pave the way for more changes and adjustments to come.

If you would like a simple, step-by-step system for getting healthy and losing weight, then be sure to check out Healthy Free U!

3. Shower Yourself with Love and Care Everyday

I see it all the time. Women who have spent decades loving and caring for others, but neglecting themselves along the way.

Many believe that it is selfish to take the time to care for themselves. They neglect to put their needs, life and health on the priority list.

To them, it feels selfish to go out for a walk by themselves. It seems self-centered to carve out 20 minutes in the evening to enjoy a bath, a cup of tea and a little reading.

Can you relate?

This is hard for us as Christian women, as we’ve been taught and modeled that Biblical love is self-less and to serve others; put others first. While this is true, it does not exclude our need to love and care for ourselves also.

We cannot empty ourselves into others if we have nothing in our pot. We must be healthy spiritually, mentally AND physically in order to effectively care for others.

If we are going to be the hands and feet of Jesus, they need to be the healthiest hands possible. Amen?

So how do we start showing ourselves love and care?

First, give yourself permission. No one else will give you permission to care for you!  (“Hey Mom, you look exhausted, you’ve worked so hard to serve us today, why don’t you go rest and read a book, I’ll do the dishes” – said no child ever.)

Second, Make a list of loving things you can do to care for yourself during your day and week. Then set your intention in the morning to do one loving thing for yourselves every day.

Here are the ways I love and care for myself throughout the day:

  • Drinking 80 oz water
  • Essential oils for emotional and physical health
  • Reading the Bible
  • Journaling
  • Exercising
  • Feeding my body the healthiest foods on the planet for energy, health and healing
  • Taking vitamins and supplements

These are newer self-care habits I’ve added in recently. I am always upgrading my life and health.

  • Meditation – I’m trying Yoga Nidra in the afternoons
  • Reading a book for fun <<== I let this one go for too long!
  • Dry brushing my body daily (sounds fun, right?)
  • Going to bed earlier and getting up earlier (I think Benjamin Franklin was wise with this one!)

These are all healthy habits that help me be the best mom, wife, health coach possible.

Give it a try! Enjoy the journey, keep it simple and love yourself along the way. Without the emotional overwhelm and complicated diets, you will be able to actually live life while you lose weight. 

Live Loved,


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