#001: What Makes Healthy Free Life Different

Diets don’t work. Most people think that in order to lose weight or get healthy, you need to deprive yourself, have more willpower, eat less, exercise more, count calories, calculate points, cut fat, cut carbs, or do the latest fad diet, but this is some of the WORST advice. We don’t need any more diets, or failed attempts. Listen in as I share the RIGHT approach to health and weight loss.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

>> [00:35]Diets don’t work. In fact, if you keep holding onto this belief, that dieting is the only way to health and freedom, then you can actually be doing more damage to your health with each failed attempt.

>> [02:05] A body, mind, spirit approach is what is necessary.

>> [02:47] True health is like a pyramid with spirit as the base, mind in center, and body at top. Most people have their pyramid upside down.

>> [06:48] Goal of spirit health is to discover how to put God at the center of your health journey and to get the results that only he can give so that you can connect with God, deepen your faith, experience peace and joy, and then fulfill your purpose!

>> [07:34] Goal of mind health is to change our relationship with food, see food as God intended, learn the art of trusting God, stressing less, and resting more, loving ourselves, and seeing ourselves as beautiful creations of an artistic God.

>> [08:54] Goal of body health is to learn how to use God’s glorious foods, learn how to use exercise and sleep and movement in the right way, and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime so cravings are conquered, weight lost, diseases reduced or eliminated, and pain reduced or gone.

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