018: Self Care is Not Selfish

July 28, 2021

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Do you have a good practice of self-care? Or do think of this season in your life as a time to die to self so that you can serve others? What if I told you that you’re misunderstanding what it means to die to self? I am giving you permission to practice self-care, in fact I’m calling you to it. It is not selfish. It is essential so that you can love others well.

In this episode you will learn that Jesus didn't intend that we not take care of ourselves in order to serve others.

“Don't you think that it's better to pour out to others from a place of abundance instead of a place of lack?” - Katrina

Today you'll hear...

00:32 Mistake of many Christian women

01:05 Importance of understanding body as God’s vessel

01:41 My own history of being a caretaker

04:35 Placing ourselves on the back burner

04:47 Effects of self-neglect

06:28 Biblical precedence for self-care

08:42 Our primary call as Christians

09:08 Serving from a place of abundance

10:34 Self-care makes serving others possible

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