015: Top 3 Ways to Improve Willpower

July 7, 2021

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In today's episode, I'm going to teach you what willpower actually is. And most importantly, I want to teach you how to increase your willpower so that you can have some bonus power to help you to reach those goals for your life. The big mistake most people make is thinking willpower is what they need in order to stick to a healthy way of eating, willpower is what's going to help them to get through a diet, or willpower is what will help them to give up sugar or whatever it is. Everyone tells you that if you fail at dieting or you fail at giving up sugar, or you fail at trying to eat healthy, that you just didn't have enough willpower. This just isn't true!

In this episode you will learn what willpower actually is, what depletes it, and 3 ways to improve it.

“I can't seem to make it a whole day without slipping up. I wish I had more willpower.”- Linda

Sound familiar?

In this episode, you'll hear...

00:31 Mistakes most people make in thinking about willpower.

02:47 What willpower actually is.

03:07 How willpower is depleted.

04:24 Top 10 things that deplete willpower.

09:21 The effects of drained willpower.

10:11 The entanglement of habits and willpower.

11:14 What can recharge your willpower.

17:12 Where true power comes from.

Your willpower battery is charged and depleted by things that you are doing and experiencing in your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. There isn't just one thing that drains it. There's not one thing that charges it. But there are multiple things that can do so.

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