012: Jen's Story: How She Broke Free from Pain and Depression

June 16, 2021

Success Stories

Today’s episode is all about how Jen went from having depression, daily pain, acid reflux, brain fog, and sugar addiction, which led her to a place of extreme isolation and loneliness, to a life of fun with her grandchildren and confidence & freedom to minister to others. She even jumps on the trampoline!

In this episode I interview, Jen, a member of the Healthy Free Life Way, and talk about just how her life has changed over the last 18 months.

"I think the biggest thing was the [Healthy Free Life] community support and the daily encouragement that I found, the accountability, daily checking in and letting people know what I'm up to, helped me to do what I needed to do. And, I think another huge thing was that [Healthy Free Life] is biblically based and I'm realizing that I couldn't do this on my own power, that I needed God to help me through with my struggles and to rely on him each day."

In this episode, you'll hear...

01:46 A little about who Jen is.

02:07 What her biggest struggles were.

03:02 What she had tried in the past.

05:27 How she got to her turning point with the guidance of a good friend.

06:19 How the 5 Day Healthy Habit Challenge changed her life.

07:30 What life is like for Jen now.

09:04 Jen’s approach. Was is easy? Hard? Just how did she do it?

10:36 What was the biggest difference that Healthy Free Life made.

I am just so thankful that Jen decided to share her story with us, and I pray that it will truly be an encouragement to you. And most importantly, I pray that you are inspired to either start or continue on your healthy, free life journey.

I'd also love to let you know exactly how Jen got started.

I've outlined the first steps in our Healthy Free Life Way Starter Kit- the first five steps that you need to take in order to start your own Healthy Free Life Way journey. I've also included devotionals, prayers, food lists, and so much more. (see link below)

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Healthy Free Life Starter Kit

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Jen's Husband, Tim!

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