010: Top 9 Reasons Why Diets Fail

June 2, 2021

weight loss

Have you ever succeeded at a diet plan? WAIT! Before you answer that, what is your definition of dieting success? That you lost X amount of weight in X days? Did it last? Longer than a year? Were you able to sustain it 5 years later? 

After working with thousands of students through our programs, along with our own personal experience of rollercoaster dieting, and extensive advanced training in metabolism, we've discovered how to create real, lasting weight loss. Without deprivation or defeat! We've discovered many reasons why dieters fail at dieting and want to share the top 9 reasons with you today.

Chris Sequenzia is our special guest in this episode. He is not only my husband and ministry partner, he is our Healthy Free Life resident physical therapist, strength coach, metabolic expert and creates all of our exercise videos for our programs. I can't wait for you to meet him. He will be on many future episodes! 

In this episode, you’ll learn that diets fail because dieters often...

11:16 Don't invite God into the journey.

12:32 Haven't changed their relationship with food.

17:18 Focus more on losing weight than creating the healthy lifestyle that leads to weight loss.

“In the long-run, the people who succeed are the ones who want to live the lifestyle that precedes the results.
Stop asking, “What results do I want to have?”
Start asking, “What lifestyle do I want to live?”
It's common to want results. It's rare to want the lifestyle.”

-James Clear, Atomic Habits

21:12 Have an all or nothing mentality, or think perfection is required.

25:58 Believe one diet fits all.

28:39 Think "eat less, exercise more" is the right approach. 

35:39 Some are metabolically unhealthy and resistant to weight loss.

38:52 Take a calorie-only approach to weight loss or believe a calorie is a calorie.

44:01 Focus too heavily on diet and exercise and ignore the other healthy habits that are even more important to the metabolism, like worshiping, resting, hydrating, sleeping well and moving throughout the day. 

And most importantly, you'll learn what to do instead. 

Are you ready to put God at the center of your health journey and to finally achieve your health and wellness goals? Join me every Thursday to learn how!

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