002: Invite God Into Your Health Journey

april 14, 2021


Discover the RIGHT way to start your health or weight loss journey that leads to results and lasting success. Hint… It’s all about God. The goal of this episode is to break that cycle of diets, deprivation and defeat so you can go from being burdened and bound to a healthy, free LIFEr.

In this episode I walk you through what it means to put God first.

I'll pray with you as you commit your life to God and ask for his forgiveness and help in submitting your body as God's dwelling place.

Here's a preview of the episode:

00:36 You're going to finally know how to start your health or weight loss journey, the right way, a way that leads to results and lasting success.

01:52 The foundation of our health is our spiritual health.

02:54 Take Kimblee, for example. Kimblee was overweight, had no energy, brain fog and joint pain. And on top of that, she was stressed out from trying many diets only to lose weight and then gain more back over and over and over again. And she was miserable in her own skin. Sound familiar?

03:18 God led her to the Healthy Free Life way, and she took that first step. That first faithful step of partnering with God on her journey to get healthy. And she has continued to take faithful step, after faithful step, after faithful step along the Healthy Free Life way. And she's depended on God's power all along.

03:38 God has blessed her with 53 pounds of weight loss and over 45 inches lost throughout her body, and counting! But even more important than that, more important than weight loss, she now has less body aches. She has a clearer mind. And this is my favorite part- she has a much closer walk with Jesus.

04:42 The first step on the Healthy Free Life way is to partner with God from the beginning. Psalm 37:5  says, "Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him and he will help you.

05:28 He created you in his image no less. He even created your food.

07:29 Invite God into the process, possibly repent, commit the journey to him and ask for his strength and power.

09:13 We learn we're going to need his power every day to help us to continue the race that is set before us. And we don't need willpower, especially when we have God power.

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